A downloadable game for Windows

A classic platformer inspired game. 

You are 'Happy Tiki' - one of the Tiki Brothers. 

Angry Tiki makes a Volcano God furious by stealing its treasure. Happy Tiki reprimands him, but the volcano is angered at them both. The brothers run for their lives and fall off a cliff. Angry Tiki lands on a rock, which breaks his body, sending one of his arms and the Volcano’s gold flying across the island. Happy Tiki falls onto a beach and must reclaim his brother’s body, as well as the Volcano’s treasure.

'WASD' Keys to move, Left Click to punch. Collect all the treasure!

Created in a team as a student project for major production, first year.

Designers: Georgia Bryant, Brodie Harbridge, Phillip Pajor.

Artists: Ashleigh Lamb, Niamh Thirlwell-Towler.

Programmer: Andrew Spencer


Tiki Bros Build.zip 102 MB


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Short and sweet. I hope Angry Tiki will be put back together eventually :)


Sorry for the late reply, thanks for playing my game :)